BadgeKit Domains


As you might have heard, Mozilla OpenBadges has a new platform in the works called BadgeKit. It aims to simplify the building and issuing of badges. To plan for this project, the team and community has explored its key attributes. … Continue reading

Badge Links


At Mozfest, I heard several different people talking about badges with connections. Their ideas took a few different forms. Some talked about the idea of leveling up, while others discussed megabadges unlocked by earning a whole series. Chloe and Mike … Continue reading

Forecasting the News

Software Predicts Tomorrow’s News by Analyzing Today’s and Yesterday’s Technology Review (02/01/13) Tom Simonite Researchers at Microsoft and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have developed software that predicts when and where disease outbreaks might occur, based on 22 years of … Continue reading

Smart Disruption

A photoshop plugin that disrupts a user’s attempt to create false beauty. Aimed at ad agencies and magazine designers, it’s a smart campaign to draw attention to a practice by an industry within that industry itself.



Note: I created this graphic before I started working for Mozilla. A map of Mozilla Webmaker tools and services with a look at how people might enter this domain and move between the elements. It identifies a few opportunities to … Continue reading

instructable futures

This is a future scenario. It’s an exercise to examine and amplify existing technological and social changes. Thanks to persistent documentation, filtering, and tagging of everyone’s experiences, success, and failures, we live in a learning world. We engage with micro, … Continue reading

matrix in the wild


The Emergent Matrix is being used by a course called Co-op Lab on participatory design in the Integrated Design Program at Parsons. Students are collecting examples of different collaborative tools, processes, and systems that could serve as useful analogies for … Continue reading

Monumental Data Toys

Quick dump of ideas from a conversation on data, toys, and nyc. rename the monument to fit current neighborhood demographics access monument build date? monument as immigrant or gentrifier filter contemporary debates thru monuments like xtranormal move the monument to where it … Continue reading

Play & Journalism

Play is the freedom of movement within a more rigid structure. (wiggle room.) Play provides the opportunity for emergent experience and personal expression. Can play in journalism open a space to create objectivity created by the audience person? What do … Continue reading

Copenhagen Workshop Video

Here is a great video that the Bicycle Innovation Lab put together of our workshop at IT University in Copenhagen.

Denmark Public Radio

During my trip to Copenhagen, I talked with Harddisken, a radio show on technology and society. For all you Danish speakers out there, some text and 09 Dec Radio Program.

In Sum

Here’s an attempt to summarize my work on Cyclee. It’s dense, but I hope readable, and interesting enough to introduce the project and inspire a further read. (I’m jet-lagged in Copenhagen. I can almost hear the millions of wheel spokes … Continue reading

Notes from the EcoHack Underground

On November 9th & 10th, I participated in EcoHack NYC. This event helped push Cyclee forward and forge a stronger connection to #bikenyc. The group of people focused on bikes worked on a range of projects, some specific to Cyclee, … Continue reading


Participad enables realtime collaborative editing in WordPress. It’s powered by Etherpad Lite. Participad has three modules – three different ways of integrating Etherpad Lite into your WordPress installation, each of which can be turned on or off. Dashboard – … Continue reading