Artifice is our Context

Notes from Design for this Century lecture with Clive Dilnot
September 1st, 2011

Artifice is our context. The defining characteristic of this century is the full integration of articificial in our lives, from 1) technology, to our 2) rendering of natural as artificial, added to the 3) symbolic realm of language, ideas and cognition, lastly 4) joined by digital media.

We internalized and integrated technology, moving from factories to entertainment, heart transplants to a persistent connect state, always logged in. We no longer differntiate ourselves from objects.

We have lost a connection to our past and the certainty of our future. Our notion of progress is measured by perpetual consumption. Our job as designers is to nuture a future, wrest now from this market-based groundhog day looping toward a day smothered by our own waste.

Artificiality is mediation, between us and our world. Design is mediation, negotiation.

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