CENS – Center for Embedded Networked Sensing

Embedded Networked Sensing Systems promise to reveal previously unobservable phenomena widely impacting society by connecting the physical world to the Internet.

UCLA’s Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS) is a major research enterprise focused on developing wireless sensing systems and applying this revolutionary technology to critical scientific and societal pursuits. In the same way that the development of the Internet transformed our ability to communicate, the ever decreasing size and cost of computing components is setting the stage for detection, processing, and communication technology to be embedded throughout the physical world and, thereby, fostering both a deeper understanding of the natural and built environment and, ultimately, enhancing our ability to design and control these complex systems.


Deborah Estrin, Director

  • Development and deployment of new measurement tools and techniques to identify the sources and fates of chemical and biological pollutants in natural, urban, and agricultural watersheds and coastal zones.
  • Developing cameras and image analysis approaches that assist scientists in making biological observations. Together the camera and analysis systems comprise a new type of biosensor that takes measurements otherwise unobservable to humans.
  • Harnessing the technological power of mobile phones and the ubiquitous wireless infrastructure for applications in areas as diverse as public health, environmental protection, urban planning, and cultural expression, each of which is influenced by independent personal behaviors adding up in space in time.


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