Idea Bank

Idea Bank is a tool to facilitate collaboration within Parsons’ DT MFA program and between this group and our peers in Trans Design. It is a bound book that allows people to submit and browse project concepts to connect the range of skills needed to bring the concept to fruition.

The Bank provides an asynchronous forum for building a network, but roots it strongly in the shared space of these programs. Originally conceived as a website, the Bank became a book to provide more security for the ideas by keeping them within the community.

Each project deposited can specify a few essential aspect:

  • date & expiration
  • title
  • description
  • creative commons license
  • collaboration roles and skills needed
  • contact information
  • keywords for easier browsing

Each project form is numbered sequentially in this bound volume, making it a stronger record of the author’s originality. The Bank leads with a page that describes the intention of the bank and the policy for its use. The Creative Commons licenses and a reminder of the student code of conduct at the front of the book are included to encourage more free and confident sharing.

Idea Bank is part of a series of projects called 5 in 5. With each, I aimed to create something interactive and truly made possible by the participation of many other people.

2 Responses to Idea Bank

  1. Bland says:

    Matthew this is awesome!

    I think the presentation of it is critical to make it engaging, thus drawing people into the wonderful ideas within. Perhaps some sort of antique wooden display to contrast the omnipresent white space of the studio, or a slick steel podium to suggest solid concepts contained within.

    1. The elevator hallway is a transient space, but it does have a captive audience that may pick it up and peruse the contents.
    2. The nook space is nice, if developed into a formal lounge for relaxing etc. Keeping it there would allow for more in depth accounts.
    3. Affixed to one of the main columns in a ‘bank’ sort of format seems appropriate as well. I think this is actually my fav since it is amidst everything and those columns aren’t used by many people…

    I’d be happy to consider fabricating some sort of bracket/stand/presentation unit for the Idea Bank. This is exciting.

  2. xmatthewx says:

    hey Bland, thanks for your enthusiasm. These are great thoughts. I love the idea of a wooden bank-like kiosk against one of the poles in the open space. Something warm with the air of an old library’s dictionary stand. The flexibility of the 12th floor is great, but feels a bit unmoored.

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