Trouble in Kickstarter Paradise

kickstarterKickstarter, the land of big dreams has a trouble-maker in its midst.

I received this notice from a project today (thoroughly paraphrased to protect the innocent):

You might have seen some unusual things on our account recently. We’d like to clarify what happened. Earlier this week we received a $3,200 contribution that brought us past our $10,000 goal. We still had a week to go, so announced a new $15,000 goal to take this project even further. Less than a day after, that donor pulled back their contribution (the Kickstarter people we spoke with said this person has dropped in on projects and pulled out of them before). It left us a few thousand short of our original goal.

Fortunately, this project had no trouble rebounding. But I could see this becoming a tactic of disruption when more politically charged projects are building momentum.

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