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Nano Project

Teacher’s Pet is a tool for editing code displayed on a projector. It dynamically adjusts text size to optimize the use of space for easy viewing. It solves a common and embarrassing nuisance that plagues many tech oriented classrooms.

Try the tool:
See the source:


I made a video to document the tool’s purpose and then made another to make it better. I also documented the 3 hours of development process. The tool was prototyped using html5 boilerplate with bootstrap and jquery. Below are some images of it’s progression. The source is zipped (and includes earlier iterations of the primary file demo.html). Further development will automatically be captured at each stage in github.


I’ve pushed the project toward a greater polish, ready for public use. To foster further iteration, I’ve posted the code to github. I have also invited faculty who teach code to to try the tool, give feedback, and most importantly… contribute toward further development.

Dear Professor,

I’ve made a nano-tool to help us teach and share code. It answers the perennial question when using a projector — can everyone see this? Yes. The answer is now yes.

Try the tool:
Minute demo:


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