The Technical Input & Output of Cycling Networks

The Technical – The flow of information from a cyclist to cyclists and stakeholders.

 source input capture record encode transmit store encode transmit bundle decode outlet
cyclist bike path intersection helmet sensing spoken written photographed drawn audio sensor microphone hand camera computer array sd card response card paper survey tag categorize meta tag locate frame forum blog email postal network mesh gsm text server db drive folder file cabinet log tag filter semanticize sort map unmap categorize frame forum blog email listserve postal network word of mouth mesh gsm text website conference poster flier newspaper policy blog visualization helmet handlebars android google goggles lights bike printer read text read numbers read map read visualization listen feel tacit? heuristics? individual cyclist community civic org govt rep path sign bike helmet

Wide table. Scroll right ┬╗

I am most interested in ambient inputs that a cyclist make integrated with their routine. I’m aware of the limitations of most outputs that require reading (and interpretation). I’m curious about outputs in situ, integrated feedback loops that increase tacit knowledge and capacity for heuristics.

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