BadgeKit Domains

As you might have heard, Mozilla OpenBadges has a new platform in the works called BadgeKit. It aims to simplify the building and issuing of badges. To plan for this project, the team and community has explored its key attributes. I took a few minutes to wrangle these concepts and organize the words behind them into a series of diagrams.

To left of this 3 color diagram we have a badge issuer. To the right, a badge earner. In between, we have the spaces frequented by both groups of people.

After mapping the key ideas, you can see that I began to think about these domains as a process. Everything begins in the middle where we discover new things.  To left, we plan a badge. Moving clockwise, badges are earned and then collected. Lastly we reflect on the experience.

This experience, of course, differs for everyone. I outlined the flow for three primary groups: a badge earner, a badge issuer, and lastly, a badge consumer. This last group puts an earner’s badges to use (e.g. a potential employer).

This diagram suggests a few things for the BadgeKit platform:

  • Badge visual design and content design should probably be more closely aligned.
  • Badge assessment, issuing and claiming might require  different software, but they occupy two-sides of the same moment in the life of a badge. They too should probably occupy an aligned experience.
  • People will likely frequent different parts of this badging world, and any software should provide a seamless experience that fits their approach.
  • Most people will frequently bounce through a space of discovery between badge making or earning. A directory and/or library would provide an incredibly valuable tool.


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