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At Mozfest, I heard several different people talking about badges with connections. Their ideas took a few different forms. Some talked about the idea of leveling up, while others discussed megabadges unlocked by earning a whole series. Chloe and Mike prototyped pathways, a promising tool for visually arranging badges to create a badge history or an ad hoc curriculum of sorts.

Each of these species of meta-badges could be designed and created in a few different ways. One approach would be to create a container, something other than a badge with the capacity to collect these relationships. Another approach that I’m more curious about: Can we bake these connections as links within a badge?

Access, continue, and advance might not be the right terms, but they represent a flexible set of relationships that many badges might share. A single badge could include multiple links to achieve a variety of goals.

Here’s one example: A series of “continue” links could form a ring, a modular whole. Together, this ring could fulfill all of the “access” links in a more advanced badge. These access links might only be suggestions to help someone understand what they need to know before developing a higher-level skills. Or, these access links might be identified as prerequisites in the badge’s criteria.


Thinking out loud here — these links would be simple pointers in the JSON, but they could serve a range of future tools, from a badge directory to a curriculum builder.  The links would be defined relative to the badge that contains it. While links could be reciprocated, that wouldn’t be required. One issuer could link to another issuer’s badge to specify a prerequisite or an opportunity for continued learning.

"related": [
  { "type": "advance",
    "url": "",  
  { "type": "continue",
    "url": "",
  { "type": "access",
    "url": "",

What do you think of the general idea? Is it a good approach? Do you think the terms accesscontinueadvance are both clear and flexible? How would you make this better? How might you put it to use?


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