instructable futures

This is a future scenario. It’s an exercise to examine and amplify existing technological and social changes.

Thanks to persistent documentation, filtering, and tagging of everyone’s experiences, success, and failures, we live in a learning world. We engage with micro, ad hoc lessons on a daily basis. When we need it most, just-in-time guides and tutorials arrive optimized for our learning styles, delivered by the how-to personality of our choice. We immerse ourselves in open data and generative knowledge and wisdom. As a result, we hone our craft and artistry at an early age, enjoying the fruits of our careers from our tweens to our centweens.

a few notes:


  • cloud server satellites
  • no personal artifacts on earth
  • Print on Demand disposable buildings
  • everyone is a maker, 6 jobs, no continuity
  • market value returns to life’s essentials


  • mediated relationships
  • trust issues
  • the personal is public
  • information overload gives way to state of flow


  • hyper documentations and micro lessons on everything
  • celebrity teachers
  • lifetime just-in-time learning at all ages
  • schools become about personal growth and methods of learning, rather than about facts and skills

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