Monumental Data Toys

Quick dump of ideas from a conversation on data, toys, and nyc.

  • rename the monument to fit current neighborhood demographics
  • access monument build date?
  • monument as immigrant or gentrifier
  • filter contemporary debates thru monuments like xtranormal
  • move the monument to where it belongs (inter-borough migration)
  • monument gaze — photos of what they’ve seen for the past 100 years
  • occupy the monument … rename it by documenting it’s unknown history (who built it, when, why?)
  • make up a story — the conflict between what they stand for and what’s happened where they gaze. write the story of their drama, their conflict.
  • street view user photo overlaid on views
  • stand in a room with projection of 360 view from statue
  • monument + funny data … like bathroom location. sun goes down, guide GW to the nearest place to take a leak.


One Response to Monumental Data Toys

  1. Matthew W says:

    Colleen Macklin asks, is this potentially a journalistic MacGuffin?

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