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  1. Rens says:

    Interesting idea! However, for future readers, it’s probably better if you link to your webmaker blog post directly :-).

  2. Iain Barnett says:

    I had the thought to do this and wondered if it was crazy, some kind of massive security hole in the making, so I asked about it on Information Security. It prompted an interesting discussion.

  3. Mot says:

    I love this approach! I too “think [you’ve] have created a compelling alternative — something I’d like to see used and pushed further by other designers and developers”

    I open sourced something similar about 1 year ago called Handshake.js.

    Here’s the presentation to JS.LA and the corresponding slides.


  4. Matt Haggard says:

    I love the concept of using the “Forgot password” experience as the primary/only method of logging in. And your two improvements (Sign in & remember me and the short code) are even better.

  5. Andres says:

    What app did you use to draw the workflow? Thanks.

  6. Hello,

    I believe that this is a great idea, as I hate having to log-in to each individual site, and if I logged in using my social network of choice, the page would likely ask for permissions that I did not want to give it.

    I’m not slightly unconvinced of the security of this, surely someone could just intercept the email, and then be done with it? Do you plan to add two-step authentication, or another method?

  7. Thanks for the interesting article.

    Another good example of a password-less login is StoryWorth – https://www.storyworth.com/

    Are they using an implementation of your password framework?

  8. tarun says:

    Finally a step towards no passwords
    Will be a norm from 2015

  9. Marco says:

    Excellent idea!
    I was using needlessly complicated random passwords for a few services, and used the “forgot password” link each and every time i needed to log in there…

  10. We ended up taking this approach for our new team collaboration website (chatbox.com). Getting your group to all log in to a new site is no easy task and the on-boarding needs to be quick and easy.

  11. Charles McCabe says:

    Definitely needs integration with other comm. methods, like SMS, IM, and wearables (via app or SMS response).

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  13. YES! Other designers and developers, please use and push this concept.

    I hope the news gets a hold of this implementation and advocates it. They should given all the attention they’ve given to recent “password hacks” and online account security.

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