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Diaspora Still

Diaspora was a project with huge promise, and that promise still remains. I think people were ok with some growing pains, but much of the design was not well considered. It was confusing to join and participate. Also — people … Continue reading

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disruptive tech – p2p social network

Wired reported yesterday about the global square, a p2p social network backed by wikileaks for Occupy. I’m most curious about the paradigm of a social network built on open source peer-to-peer. Has this been tried before? The tech could “help … Continue reading

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CENS – Center for Embedded Networked Sensing

Embedded Networked Sensing Systems promise to reveal previously unobservable phenomena widely impacting society by connecting the physical world to the Internet. UCLA’s Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS) is a major research enterprise focused on developing wireless sensing systems and … Continue reading

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