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@media for bandwidth

Currently, a website can serve up different content based on a visitor’s screen resolution with @media queries in CSS. This idea has been recently extended so that a site can also deliver different images depending on pixel density using the <picture> tag … Continue reading

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Don’t eat my bandwidth

Mobile data and bandwidth is a costly and limited resource for many people. Below is a proposal to give people better control over media-intense sites. It’s designed for FirefoxOS as first emerged at Mozfest and explored in Rethink the Browser. I welcome your feedback … Continue reading

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Help Me Read This – App for Grandma

A few weeks ago in Portland, I worked with the great Mobile Appmaker team. A conversation with them sparked an idea for me as we talked about the apps a family might make for themselves–highly local and personal apps. I had an idea for … Continue reading

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UK Cops Using Fake Mobile Phone Tower to Intercept Calls, Shut Off Phones

Britain’s largest police force has been using covert surveillance technology that can masquerade as a mobile phone network to intercept communications and unique IDs from phones or even transmit a signal to shut off phones remotely, according to the Guardian. www.wired.com/threatlevel/2011/10/datong-surveillance/

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Navigating Dissent

I’ve drafted a design for a mobile application to help protesters map barriers, gatherings, and other facets of a dynamic protest. This information can be gathered to provide the community with a real-time birds-eye view of the activity, helping them … Continue reading

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7scenes & Aris

www.7scenes.com We are a mobile storytelling platform. We help you link your media to places, so you can create city experiences for anyone with a mobile phone. Guide, tour, game? That’s up to you… Aris Games ARIS is a user-friendly, … Continue reading

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Sukey beat me to it

I had an idea: Fancy-phone app for protesters. It’s a map with 2 views: Submit & Browse. In submit, you have a small set of icons you can drag and drop on the map, including barricade, broken barricade, arrest, speech, … Continue reading

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