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Badge Links

At Mozfest, I heard several different people talking about badges with connections. Their ideas took a few different forms. Some talked about the idea of leveling up, while others discussed megabadges unlocked by earning a whole series. Chloe and Mike … Continue reading

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Diaspora Still

Diaspora was a project with huge promise, and that promise still remains. I think people were ok with some growing pains, but much of the design was not well considered. It was confusing to join and participate. Also — people … Continue reading

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dead drops

Super awesome project. File sharing gone super local, out of the cloud and into cement. deaddrops.com

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disruptive tech – p2p social network

Wired reported yesterday about the global square, a p2p social network backed by wikileaks for Occupy. I’m most curious about the paradigm of a social network built on open source peer-to-peer. Has this been tried before? The tech could “help … Continue reading

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According to Clay Shirky, if 1% of time spent watching TV in the United States during a single year was more productively put toward Wikipedia, we could build 100 times the content currently on Wikipedia. He offers this as a … Continue reading

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Idea Bank

Idea Bank is a tool to facilitate collaboration within Parsons’ DT MFA program and between this group and our peers in Trans Design. It is a bound book that allows people to submit and browse project concepts to connect the … Continue reading

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